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Reflecting on My First 6 Months as a Freelance Web Designer and Developer

December 14, 2023

After a decade of working as a web designer in a local agency, I took the daunting step of venturing into the world of freelancing. The transition from the structured environment of an agency to the freedom and uncertainty of freelancing was both exciting and challenging. As I reflect on my first six months as a freelance web designer and developer, I've experienced a whirlwind of emotions and lessons that have shaped my newfound career path.

Embracing Independence

One of the biggest differences between agency work and freelancing is the level of independence. In the agency, I was used to clear directives, set work hours, and a reliable salary. However, as a freelancer, I had to adapt to a more independent lifestyle, where I was solely responsible for every aspect of my business. This independence comes with the freedom to choose projects that truly interest me and the flexibility to set my own schedule. The control I have over my work-life balance is fantastic, especially running around after my two hectic children.

Navigating the Feast and Famine Cycle

One of the most common challenges for freelancers, especially in the early stages, is the feast and famine cycle. Some months would bring a flurry of projects and a sense of financial security, while others left me wondering if I would make enough to cover my expenses. This unpredictability took some getting used to. I learned to budget wisely, save during good months, and diversify my income streams. Building a reliable client base and fostering long-term relationships became a priority to mitigate the income rollercoaster. Over time, I discovered the importance of marketing and networking to maintain a steady flow of projects.

Skill Diversification

In the agency, I specialised in specific areas of web design and development. However, as a freelancer, I quickly realised the need to diversify my skill set. Clients often require a broader range of services, from design and development to SEO, content creation, and even project management.

This forced me to expand my knowledge and learn new skills continuously. While it was challenging, the process was incredibly rewarding. Not only did I become a more versatile professional, but I also found new passions and interests within the web industry. This diversification allowed me to take on a wider variety of projects, making me more marketable as a freelancer.

Client Relationships

Building and maintaining client relationships proved to be both a challenge and a reward in my freelance journey. I often had limited interaction with clients, as project managers handled most communications. As a freelancer, I became the face of my business, responsible for every client interaction.

I quickly realised the importance of clear communication, setting expectations, and managing client feedback effectively. Developing strong client relationships became a priority as I learned that satisfied clients not only provide repeat business but also valuable referrals. Word of mouth and client recommendations have been instrumental in growing my freelance practice, perhaps more so than any other method I've explored over the past half-year.

The transition from a secure agency job to the uncertainties of freelancing was challenging, but it has been an immensely rewarding journey. I've learned to embrace independence, manage finances wisely, diversify my skills, and build strong client relationships.

While the path of freelancing is not without its challenges, it has allowed me to grow both professionally and personally. I look forward to the opportunities and adventures that lie ahead as I continue to build my freelance career. The first six months have been a learning curve, and I'm excited to see where the next chapter takes me in this exciting world of web design and development. Here's to 2024!

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