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Transforming Leadership: How we revamped Amicus' online presence for maximum impact

When Amicus met us they;

  • their current website was undergoing technical difficulties and needed help establishing a secure online presence
  • were frustrated with the lack of control and limitations from their existing website
  • recognised the need to modernise their online platform to reach more clients and establish themselves as leaders in the industry

The problem;

  • Not only was the existing website limited in functionality, but it also lacked key functionality they required to scale their business
  • The lack of security around their existing website was putting pressure and strain on the team, they were unsure whether their site would even work
  • They knew they needed a strong digital marketing strategy but were unsure where to start

What we did

To tackle the challenges faced by Amicus, we embarked on a comprehensive strategy encompassing digital branding, marketing strategy, and website development to elevate their online presence and improve functionality.

Digital-first branding

Starting with digital branding, we refreshed Amicus' online brand identity to better reflect their professionalism and industry leadership. This involved creating a bespoke design system that communicated authority and reliability, along with developing a consistent set of elements that enabled us to rapidly grow and scale the business.


In terms of marketing strategy, we implemented a multi-channel approach tailored to Amicus' goals and audience. We worked together with the client on the strategy and created stand out designed content which highlighted their expertise in all things leadership. This content was distributed through a revamped blog, monthly newsletters and targeted social media campaigns designed to engage existing and prospective clients. Additionally, we enhanced their SEO practices to improve organic search visibility, targeting keywords that prospective clients were likely to use when seeking leadership and business development services.


For the website development, we overhauled the entire structure of Amicus' existing site. The new website was designed with user experience at its core, ensuring it was intuitive and easy to navigate. We incorporated modern design elements and interactive features, such as a dynamic services section, client success stories, and a streamlined contact form that made it easier for potential clients to get in touch. The website was also fully optimised for mobile devices, ensuring a seamless experience across all platforms. These enhancements not only improved the aesthetic and functionality of the site but also supported a more effective lead generation and conversion process.

Breaking it down in numbers


increase in overall website traffic


increase in lead generation from the website within the first four months


increase in average time spent on the website, indicating higher engagement levels from visitors

"VisionaryGrid has done an amazing job on our new site. Super creative, quick and amazing service, couldn’t recommend enough if you’re looking for a web designer"
Lyndsey Soar

Lyndsey Soar

Business Manager, Amicus Limited

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