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Transforming Paylolly’s online Presence: How we improved their conversion rate and boosted their business

When Paylolly approached us, they:

  • Faced issues with slow site performance and limited device compatibility.
  • Experienced low conversion rates and high bounce rates.
  • Needed a robust and responsive website to enhance user experience and boost engagement.

The Problem:

  • Paylolly’s existing website was not optimised for speed or mobile devices.
  • The user experience was subpar, leading to decreased engagement and conversions.
  • They required a streamlined, efficient platform to increase visitor retention and conversion rates.

Website Optimisation:

We focused on enhancing the speed and performance of Paylolly’s site. This involved:

  • Performance Enhancements: Implementing advanced caching, reducing server response times, and optimising images and scripts to ensure faster load times.
  • Responsive Design Refresh: Developing a mobile-first approach to ensure the website performs seamlessly across all devices.
  • Full Site Redesign: We designed and developed a new site to help solve the issues Paylolly was having with their existing site, all grounded in increasing conversions and speed.

User Experience (UX) Improvements:

We redesigned the site with user experience as the core focus:

  • Intuitive Navigation: Simplifying the site structure and enhancing the user interface to make navigation more intuitive - clearly communicating their key value proposition to prospective clients.
  • Interactive Elements: Adding engaging and interactive elements to improve user engagement and interaction including a bespoke lead generation capture form.

Breaking it down in numbers


increase in conversions


increase in engagement rate


increase in visitors

We approached Tom with the challenge of boosting our brand's visibility and increasing sign-ups, and he delivered beyond our expectations. Not only did he enhance our brand awareness through his strategic insights, but he also designed a stunning website that perfectly captures our essence. The new site has not only attracted more visitors but has significantly increased engagement and conversions. Working with Tom was a game-changer for us; he's not just a consultant, but a pivotal partner in our ongoing success.
James Olver

James Olver

Commercial Director, Paylolly

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